Your Smart Water Guide

BUILD Your System

Ready to protect your family and your home but not sure where to begin? We've got you covered with our easy to follow Flo by Moen Buyer's Guide.

Water In. Water Out.

One Shutoff

The Smart Water Shutoff monitors incoming water and water flowing through your plumbing.

Multiple Detectors

Smart Water Detectors are placed anywhere water is leaving your home, like under a sink.

All-In-One App

Monitor in real-time, run plumbing tests, and even turn off your water from anywhere.

Complete Peace of Mind

Understand The System

Reduce your risk of water leaks and damage by 96%. Our Flo by Moen products work together to protect your home from incoming water pressure and outgoing fixture leaks, 24/7.







Add An Automatic Shut-Off

Installed on the main water supply line to your home, one Smart Water Shutoff monitors your plumbing pressure, flow rate, and area temperature to identify leaks down to a drip per minute.

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Catch Leaks Under The Sink

Attach your Remote Sensing Disc to a Smart Water Detector and use the included mounting kit to safely monitor leaks and drips leaving the home plumbing under the sink drain.

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Catch Leaky Toilets

While a Shutoff will catch water issues going into the toilet, we advise placing a single Smart Water Detector behind your toilets to catch any leaks leaving the home plumbing.

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Catch Washing Machine Leaks

Washing machines are notoriously problematic. Attach the included Remote Sensing Disc and use the included mounting kit to monitor behind these pesky appliances.

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Flo by Moen App

No matter how you customize the Flo by Moen Smart Water System in your home, you can access real-time data and manually control your home water from anywhere in the world.

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Pick Your Level Of Protection

Option 1: Shutoff

Backed by years of product development and industry-leading technology, our Smart Water Shutoff is whole-home plumbing security. One device protects the whole home from water supply leaks and damage to your home with daily Health Tests and automatic shut-off.

Option 2: Shutoff with Detectors

The newest addition to the Flo by Moen system, our Smart Water Detectors are designed to add an additional drain-side layer of security to your home. Place them anywhere your home may experience leaks in the water leaving your home, like fixtures or appliances.

Option 3: Detectors

Not able to install a Shutoff right now? You too can protect your space with the Flo by Moen system. Beyond leak detection, the Detectors serve as environmental monitors for liquid, temperature, and humidity, great for keeping your valuables safe and dry no matter where you live. 



A Fit For All Homes

To determine the right Shutoff for your home, you’ll want to know the size of your main water supply line. While the 1-inch will likely work for the vast majority of homes, we recommend checking your main shutoff valve or wrapping a string around your water line.


Pick Your Detector Number

Where Do You Need Monitoring?

Common uses include under a water heater, behind a refrigerator, or under a sink. But many customers also place them in attics, basements, and laundry rooms. Any area vulnerable to water damage by environmental factors or fixture malfunctions needs a Detector. 


Pick The Accessories You Need

Tools For All Homes

Some homes may require accessories to meet the custom needs of protection. Consider a Shutoff Battery Backup for emergency power, a Leak Sensing Cable for your Detectors to add 6-feet of leak detection, or a Shutoff Extension Cord for hard to reach power outlets.

Need More Help?

Browse our support articles for more information or contact our Smart Water Support team directly.
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