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End-to-End Peace of Mind

Part of Moen's Smart Water System

Automatic Shut-Off
Valve d'arrêt Smart Water

24/7 plumbing monitoring with daily Health tests and automatic shut-off.

Fixture Monitoring
Smart Water Detector

Extend the Shutoff power by monitoring fixtures or drains for leaks.

Remote Management
L’application Flo by Moen

Run Health Tests, track water usage, and turn off your water remotely.

We-Pay Guarantee
Plan FloProtect

Shutoff owners are eligible for optional insurance against catastrophic damage.

Accidents Happen. You'll Pay Nothing.

While the Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff is proven to decrease your potential for a water damage incident by 96%, accidents can still happen. And while we can’t always predict these incidents, we can plan for them. Whether you are concerned about water quality impacting the longevity of your device, want to avoid that costly insurance deductible, or just want the convenience of chatting on-demand with our team of experts, the FloProtect Plan is your cost-effective peace of mind.

Never Worry. Never Pay.

Insurance For The Unthinkable

We-Pay $5,000 Deductible Guarantee

Even a little water in your home can become a costly headache. With our financial guarantee, you can rest even easier knowing that you will be protected from financial responsibility should you find yourself in an unfortunate water damage situation. We'll cover up to $5,000 of your insurance deductible so you can focus on what matters most during an emergency. For more information, see the terms and conditions here.

5-year Extended Warranty

Every Flo by Moen comes with our standard one-year limited product warranty but with a FloProtect Plan, you can extend that warranty to 5-years, the best warranty in the industry. Regardless of climate, installation location, or use, you’ll get hassle-free product swaps and part replacements backed by the Moen name for 4 additional years.

LIVE Smart Water Assistant

Unlock 5-star plumbing assistance with a real-time chat directly in your Flo by Moen App when you activate a FloProtect Plan today. Because Moen assembles the hardware, continuously improves the software, and works closely with plumbers nationwide, our experts understand how everything works internally and externally in your home’s plumbing. Together, you’ll be able to diagnose system alerts quicker, troubleshoot plumbing system warnings fast, and get ahead of general plumbing maintenance to ensure your home is secure.

Add Unparralled Security Against The Unexpected

Protect yourself now for only $5/month, billed month-to-month, and you can cancel anytime. Complete peace of mind is just a click away.
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