Welcome To Smart Water

Intelligent Leak Detection

Meet the industry-leading Flo by Moen Smart Water Security System, a suite of products that work together to protect your home from water damage and leaks, 24/7. Welcome to smarter plumbing.
Customizable Security.

Use a Shutoff with Detectors to customize water damage prevention for your home.

Global Peace of Mind.

Conveniently Run a Health Test or turn off your water from anywhere in the world.

Save Water. Save Money.

Track water usage, catch undetected leaks, and lower your insurance premiums.

Plumbing Intelligence

Valve d'arrêt Smart Water

Remote + Auto Shut-Off

Manually control your home water. The device will automatically turn it off in emergencies.

Automatic Daily Health Tests

Runs daily Health Tests with MicroLeak™ technology to ensure that your home is leak-free.

Pressure, Flow, & Temperature

Constantly monitoring for irregularities in water pressure, water flow rate, and area temperature.

24/7 Plumbing Monitoring

After your Shutoff learns your home's unique water footprint it will constantly monitor for irregularities.

Fixture Detection

Supported by our FloSense™ technology, view historical water usage by fixture and appliance.

Not Wi-Fi Dependent

Your unique water usage data is stored locally on the device in case of Wi-Fi outages.

FloSense™ Artifical Intelligence

Your Shutoff sensors work in combination with our unique feedback-enhanced AI technology, Flosense ™, to proactively monitor your home for leaks of all sizes. The more you provide feedback, the smarter your Shutoff gets.

Automatic & Manual Daily Health Tests

The Shutoff runs automatic Health Tests with our patented MicroLeak™  technology daily. Closing its valve, the Shutoff monitors the stability of the water in your plumbing. You can manually run tests and set times for them to run.

Fixture & Appliance Monitoring

Smart Water Detector

Environmental Sensor

In addition to liquid detection, each Detector has customizable temperature and humidity settings.

Remote Sensing Disc

The included Remote Sensing Disc extension brings leak detection to the tightest of spaces.

Mounting Clip

Each Detector includes a mounting clip with an adhesive back for customized placement.

Valve d'arrêt Smart Water

When used with the Shutoff, Detectors can send alerts to turn off the home's water.

Leak Sensing Cable

Sold separately, this 6-foot Cable's unique body can detect moisture. You can connect up to 3 Cables.

Battery Included

Each Detector comes with 1 CR123A battery, good for over 2-years battery life.

Customizable Monitoring

Add Detectors to any fixture or appliance to monitor for moisture or temperature change. Add the Remote Sensing Disc (included) or the Leak Sensing Cable (sold separately) to extend your range and versatility.

Real-Time Alarm

 If liquid is detected, your Detectors will give off a visual and audible alarm, in addition to sending real-time alerts directly to your Flo by Moen App. If configured, your Shutoff will also close the incoming water valve.

Plumbing Command Center

L’application Flo by Moen


See how much water you are consuming with daily trends and set goals to save water and money.

Control Panel

Monitor your home's plumbing health such as flow rate, pressure, and temperature.


See all pending alerts and troubleshoot plumbing issues in real-time. Putting you in control.

Health Test

The system runs daily Health Tests, locking pressure in your pipes to catch even pinhole leaks.

Usage By Fixture

See water usage by fixture and appliance, track historical consumption, and set goals.

Smart Water Assistant

Unlock 5-star plumbing assistance with a real-time chat when you signup for a FloProtect Plan.

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