Moving into a New Home that Already has Smart Water Security? Guide to the Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff

Posted on 01/02/2021 by Gabriel Halimi

Are you new to Flo by Moen but your home isn’t? Congratulations on moving into a home with a Smart Water Shutoff already installed. We think that’s a smart move! 

We are excited to introduce you to the industry-leading total home protection system proven to save homeowners thousands every year

Before you can start using the water in your home, you will need to meet your Smart Water Shutoff. In this guide, we will cover the following topics so you can set up your smart water security. 

-How it works
-Initial setup and pairing
-Learning Mode, and beyond!
-FloProtect Plan (optional)

How it Works

Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff next to smart phone

The Smart Water Shutoff (“Shutoff”) uses FloSense™ technology to understand a home’s unique water usage patterns; that way, it can discern between usual and unusual water activity in the home. 

Sensors built into the device monitor the flow and pressure rates of the water entering the home as well as the ambient temperature surrounding the device. In addition to proactive monitoring, the Shutoff performs daily automatic Health Tests to check for leaks. The Shutoff sends real-time notifications directly to your smartphone through the Flo by Moen app.

Upon detecting changes in pressure or flow that point to unusual water usage (i.e., a leak), the Shutoff will trigger a critical alert in the Flo by Moen App and enable the automatic shutoff feature. Within a few moments, the Shutoff will close its valve to stop water from flowing into the house. That way, if something is leaking, additional water damage will be prevented.

Through the app, you can set the Shutoff to different system modes, set customizable settings for water security, and more! Learn more about the system and how it works, here.

We also encourage you to explore the rest of the Flo by Moen system, so you can expand your security throughout your home, such as with conveniently compact Smart Water Detectors that can be placed anywhere. Or, strengthen your Shutoff with the Battery Backup that keeps the device powered on for 3+ days in the event of a power outage in your home.

Getting Started

Before you can start using the water in your home, you will need to meet your Smart Water Shutoff and pair the device to your home’s WiFi*. You can find the device installed on the main water pipeline, near the home’s main shutoff valve. 

The Shutoff is currently set to local mode that provides a basic level of protection for the home between inhabitants. Especially important during transitional periods, local mode ensures that the Shutoff will remain active and provide protection to the home in the event of a plumbing failure. Local mode is unique because it does not require WiFi, only a connection to power and the presence of pressure in the water line. Since the home is  expected to be empty while in this system mode, any additional water use will trigger the automatic shutoff feature.

*If you are unable to pair your Shutoff to the home’s WiFi immediately but want to use the water, we recommend unplugging the device from the power source. Before doing this, keep in mind: As long as your device is disconnected, your home is not protected by the Smart Water Shutoff, and is not secure.

Now that you’ve located the device, let’s get started.

Smart Water Shutoff installed on mainline

Check to see your device is “on” and running

Is the device plugged into a nearby power source? When looking at the device, is the VALVE light showing a solid green color?

If the answers to both questions above are “Yes”, your device is currently working to protect your home. That’s great! You are now ready to pair.

If the device is not connected to power, it is providing zero protection to your home. Go ahead and plug the device cord into the nearest outlet now. If the nearest outlet is further than 10 ft from the installed device, you may need to purchase an extension cord. Once plugged in, the VALVE light will show a solid green color. 

Note: To make sure the device is fully plugged in, twist and turn the cord until the second ring is completely in the device (where the cord connects to the Shutoff).

Before Pairing

You will need:

  1. Smart Water Shutoff device (already installed and plugged into power)
  2. Wifi connection, with the name and password handy
  3. Flo by Moen App downloaded to your smart phone
  4. Account created in the Flo by Moen App

Once you have downloaded the Flo by Moen App and created your account following the in-app instructions, you will be asked to create a location profile. This is where you input your home’s address, along with other information to help your device know more about the location (i.e., the number of bathrooms or if your home has an irrigation system for outdoor watering).

Ready to Pair (How to)

Once you have completed the steps required before pairing, please continue with the steps below to complete the pairing process.

  1. Check that the Shutoff device is powered on (that it is connected to power and the VALVE light is green). 
  2. Open the Flo by Moen app on your iOS or Android smartphone. Follow the in-app instructions to complete the pairing process with the following steps:
  3. Looking at the Shutoff: With the VALVE light solid green, press and hold the Reset button for 5-10 seconds until the STATUS light begins to blink.
  4. You will then be asked to scan the QR code on your Smart Water Shutoff with your smartphone. Scan the QR code and follow the steps on the Flo by Moen app and complete the initial pairing instructions. Please note: If the Shutoff is installed on the main water line in a way that prevents you from being able to scan the QR code using your smartphone, please contact our support team to receive a digital version of the QR code you can use to pair with.
Note on Pairing a previously-owner Shutoff: 
Your Shutoff’s previous owner should have unlinked the device from their Flo by Moen account before your arrival. If you are unable to pair your Shutoff and are seeing the, “Device already paired” message in your app, please contact our support team to remove the device from the previous account with the device MAC ID and Serial number ready.

If you need further assistance with pairing, please contact our Support Team at
support@meetflo.com or 1-844-MEET-FLO (1-844-633-8356).

Learning Mode, and Beyond!

Once the Smart Water Shutoff is paired to your home’s WiFi, it is automatically set to Learning Mode. For the next 7 days of water usage, FloSense™ develops an initial understanding of the typical water usage patterns in the home. However, the learning does not stop there. FloSense™ continues to learn, adapting to the latest behaviors, as it continually monitors your home’s plumbing and alerts you to potential leaks.

Note: Certain app features including alerts, fixture labels and automatic shutoff will be enabled once Learning Mode has been completed.

Welcome to the Flo Family! With your Smart Water Shutoff starting to learn your unique water footprint, the setup process is complete. Once the system has completed Learning mode, you can gain access to all the features that come with the system and the app.

If you are interested in learning about how you can get more from Flo by Moen, consider the FloProtect Plan: An unrivaled (optional) layer of security with on-demand expert advice and financial protection against the worst water damage events.

Consider The FloProtect Plan 

While the Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff is proven to decrease water damage incidents by 96%, accidents can still happen. And while we can’t always predict these incidents, we can plan for them.

That’s why we designed the FloProtect Plan, a supplemental security and service plan for your Shutoff.

Users who opt-in to this optional program gain access to additional benefits that include a we-pay-$5,000-deductible-guarantee, extended 3-year warranty, and a live chat feature from within the Flo by Moen app to communicate directly with our highly trained smart water assistants. To learn more about the FloProtect Plan, click here.

The FLoProtect Plan

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